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The Benefits Of Chess

Become a Champion

Several academic and industry studies demonstrate the overwhelming educational value of chess. Chess helps develop essential academic and life-long skills. One study by Dr. Peter Dauvergne at the University of Sydney, has found that students who play chess have significantly raised their IQ scores in the following areas:
  • Strengthen problem solving skills
  • Learn how to make difficult and abstract decisions independently
  • Enhance reading, memory, language, and mathematical abilities; fostered
  • critical, creative, and original thinking
  • Provide practice at making accurate and fast decisions under time
  • pressure, (a skill that can help improve exam scores at school)
  • Teach logical and efficient thinking, learning to select the “best” choice from a large number of options
  • Challenge gifted children while potentially helping underachieving gifted students learn how to study and strive for excellence
  • Demonstrate the importance of flexible planning, concentration, and the consequences of decisions
  • Reach both boys and girls regardless of their natural abilities or socio-economic background

Life-long skills developed through chess

Creativity – Concentration – Discipline Logical Reasoning – Critical Thinking – Problem Solving Complex Decision Making – Pattern Recognition Learning From Mistakes – Memory – Intellectual Maturity Planning Ahead – Dealing With Undesirable Situations – Responsibility for Actions Commitment – Analyzing Actions & Consequences