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Openings – Tal’s games tactics 1-10 Tactics 11-20 Tactics 21-30 French 3N-c6 IQP (3 games) Alapin 2… N-f6 Alapin N-f6 with annotations Alapin 2… d5 Two Knights d3 Gruenfeld – 1 Fundamental Pawn endgames French Nc3 Nf6 Sicilian Taimanov/Kan/Schevenenigan 3rd rank attack

Model Annotated Games – Sicilian Scheveningen Panov DG Taimanov DG Taimanov 2 DG Taimanov 3 Nimzo Nge2 DG QGD 1 DG QG2 Lasker Catalan 1 DG Alapin Quick Black wins in Tarrasch Defense QGD Boensch The Max Lange Attack Panov Gambit Panov Anti Stonewall Caro Kan – B-d3 Elephant gambit Classical French with Nf3 Jobava Opening